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POLL: Please respond

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. I’m trying to continue posting over at shanelife.tumblr.com…I can’t seem to find the motivation to write longer posts here these days.

That’s kind of the point here. I’m considering a permanent move over to Tumblr and wanted to do a quick poll as to how you consume my blog. If you can’t see the poll for some reason, a comment will suffice. I’m just trying to get some quick idea as to how people read so I know how best to make the transition.

Thanks a lot for your participation!

Giving Tumblr a Try

I’ve been an avid WordPress user for many moons. I really believe that there is not a better blogging software on the market, particularly for writers. It’s customizable, easy-to-install, and easy to understand.

I’ve even seen it used for full corporate sites and photoblogs elegantly.

But it almost does too much, is too powerful, requires too much attention.

I’ve had my eye on Tumblr for a really long time, but I could never pull the trigger on it. Frankly, I’ve got over 5 years and 900+ posts that I want to keep. But the concept of the community that Tumblr presents, combined with the fact that a lot of really funny and interesting people are on there has got me interested enough to give it a try.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to feed my Tumblr into my Feedburner account so those of you reading through Google Reader (or whatever other RSS reader flavor you might be using) don’t really notice, but as of yet, I haven’t figured that out (any help on this would be superb).

For now though, if you’re my friend on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see my Tumblr posts come through. Or, you can just go follow me on Tumblr:


I’m not abandoning WordPress just yet. But it’s on notice.

Next, on Shane Life

I’ve got a bunch of half-written drafts sitting in my dashboard, just waiting to be published. I think I am being too picky about what gets published and what doesn’t. I’m not ready to get one of those Tumblr/Posterous thingies yet, but I like the idea of quick, portable content.

But it’s not something that is impossible with WordPress…just something I’m not doing for whatever reason.

I also have a tendency to be long-winded. Maybe I need to try and focus on keeping my posts shorter.

What do you want to see?

Feedburner Issues

For a long time I’ve been using Feedburner to track my RSS readers. It gives a little more information than is built into WordPress and has worked great up to this point. Unfortunately, when Google purchased the property a while back, they decided that it needed to change. They didn’t say when the change would come, just that it would.

Well, that change is now.

It would be freaking super if I understood the rhyme or reason behind it or how to fix it, but I don’t. All I know is that my feed is jacked up right now and I’m trying to fix it. I hope this doesn’t cause too many problems. I may end up abandoning Feedburner altogether and just returning to the standard WordPress feed.

We will see. I’m just giving you a heads up.

Opacity Awesomeness

Web designers around the world swoon every advent season when Drew McClellan puts up his 24 ways and this year was no exception. With a sexy new design from Made By Elephant, 24 Ways was back with great new tools and an extra special gift under the tree for visitors to the site using a browser that supported the CSS3 spec — opacity.

The subtlety of 24 ways use of alpha channels combined with the release of WordPress 2.7 (which proudly powers this site) inspired me to take a more comprehensive crack at a new blog design. Feed readers, I know you probably don’t care much about what I’ve done here, but it took me much longer than I had imagined. Converting those hex colors I wanted to use for my scheme into the more complex RGB colors was arduous, but if you visit my site now with a newer browser (Firefox 3 or Safari are preferred, although Google Chrome should work), you should get the full translucent experience.

I’ve also taken Derek Powazek’s advice to embrace my bottom by pushing some of that sidebar stuff to the bottom of the page. I’ve lost all the links from the sidebar…I plan on adding a page of just links to the blogs that I read, but for now, I hope you’ll manage without my referral links.

You’ll also notice at right the many other places you might find me online. I use Twitter more than any of them. Some of the others I’ve signed up for more with the intention of seeing what they were about than anything else.

Anyway, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the new design. Especially if they confirm my awesomeness.

Now, on to the next project…