Thoughts on LOST


The survivors of Oceanic 815 have captured our hearts and minds for the past 6 years. The day after, it’s difficult to assess just how the show’s end will fall into the annals of television history. Some people hated the finale. Others, like me, thought it was fitting and touching.

Cuse and Lindelof created a world that sparked controversy and debate. Was it purgatory? Who were Jacob and the Man in Black, really? OMGWTFPOLARBEAR? They should be commended for such a huge accomplishment. I predict multiple Emmys in the show’s future (too little too late?).

There are people who are indignant about the way the show ended and to them, I say, please remember that it was still just a TV show. It was a special one, but just a TV show. It entertained, made us think, theorize and discuss in a medium where people typically just sit back and enjoy their half-hour nuggets and then go about their lives.

Monday morning, I woke up and I was still thinking about the show and its end. I feel like it paid respect to us as viewers that we have the ability to fill in the blanks. We don’t need everything explicitly spelled out and explained because what’s the fun in that? If Cuselof would have laid out exactly what everything meant, wouldn’t that have been a disservice to the show that meant so many different things to so many different people?

At the heart of the show, it was always about people. It was about relationships and how we are all flawed and how those flaws are really what makes us interesting and beautiful. The mystery of the island provided this fascinating backdrop that made us ask questions and stay engaged. But ultimately, through a combination of flash-forwards, flash-backs, flash-sideways and excellent storytelling and top-notch acting, the characters of the show became real and tangible to us.

The people on the island were all flawed in one way or another. The show lasted as long as it did and succeeded because we saw ourselves in the survivors of Oceanic 815 and their very evident flaws. That’s why I loved the show and the finale.

The fact that I’m still thinking about it more than 24 hours later means one of two things: A) it went way over my head and I’m still trying to sort it out, or B) it was completely awesome.

I’m going with Option B.

The Art of TV Bromances

The bromance is a stalwart tradition of the sitcom world. Some of the greatest relationships of television were not the Ross & Rachels of history or the Sam & Dianes, but rather the Chandler & Joeys and the Norm & Cliffs. The hilarity of comedy usually hinges upon the hijinks of two or more dudes.

This probably could spiral into a discussion about how there are not nearly enough good girl-girl relationships on primetime TV, but let’s avoid it for now, okay?

These are some of my favorites from recent years, in no particular order:

Chandler and Joey — Friends

Roommates. Best Buds. Hilarious.

J.D. and Turk — Scrubs

The only ones who have a song together. I give you…”Guy Love.”

Andy and Bobby — Cougar Town

A newer bromance…not a shocking one, though, considering Bill Lawrence created both Scrubs and Cougar Town. I’m guessing there’s some sort of bromance in Lawrence’s past.

Michael and Ryan — The Office

This may be a little more one-sided, but it’s pretty funny.

A.C. and Zach — Saved by the Bell

I originally thought this one should be Zach and Screech, but after watching this hilarious fan video, this was more accurate.

Hurley and Sawyer — LOST

And another fan video, and also in honor of the series finale tonight.

Mac and Dennis — It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

These guys would redefine bromance if they weren’t both so narcissistic.

Vince/Turtle/Eric/Drama/Ari — Entourage

Can’t wait for the new season! June!

Bert and Ernie — Sesame Street

Bromance? Or more…you decide.

Kermit and Fozzie — The Muppet Show

The whole bit in The Great Muppet Caper where Kermit and Fozzie are identical twins…so funny.

Troy and Abed — Community

Honestly, this bromance was the one that inspired me to make the list. Community is one of my favorite new shows and the Troy and Abed vignettes at the end of every episode are freaking awesome.

I know that I’m forgetting a lot of bro-love. Can you help me out?

Our Guilty Pleasure

The Sister Wives of Big Love

Some possible spoilers…

The season finale of Big Love was this past Sunday.

Alli and I were a little slow to the game for this show. We didn’t get on board initially, really getting into the show at the beginning of the second season. Once we got about three shows in, we were drawn into the madness that is Bill Hendrickson (Bill Paxton) and his three wives — Barb (Jean Tripplehorne), Nikki (Chloe Sevigny) and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin).

The now-completed fourth season was the best by a mile, although the season finale certainly left a lot of fans hanging, considering that up to that point, more had occurred over the course of a season than at any other time. Particularly intriguing was Bill Hendrickson’s unabashed pursuit of power as he attempted to fill a recently vacated Utah State Senate seat. That story line, combined with Margene’s emboldened, more confident attitude (not to mention her minor crush on Bill’s oldest son by Barb, Ben) and Nikki’s constant searching for purpose and identity in her crazy world led to some serious polygamist hijinks, including trips to Washington and Mexico.

For a long while, one of the only reasons that we had HBO was Entourage, but now, we have another reason to keep our subscription. If you’ve got HBO and are wondering what Big Love is all about, give it a few episodes. It’s a lot of fun.

Some quick Golden Globes thoughts

Like many people, I watched the Golden Globes last night. Awards season is a favorite for Alli and me and we picked up some Original Pizza, some Throwback soda and settled in for a night of glamour, movies and TV…all from the comfort of sweats on the couch.

First things first: Ricky Gervais was really disappointing. For as much smack as he talked prior to the show about how he was going to be brutal to the stars, all he really did was self-promote (not unheard of) and get in maybe one good dig at Mel Gibson. The rest of his jokes were just really MEH.

Some other thoughts:

  • I really felt that Jane Lynch got robbed for supporting actress in a TV series. I’ve never understood why they lumped all the supporting actors and actresses into one all-encompassing category, including comedies, dramas and mini-series. She should have won. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Big Love, but Sevigny didn’t deserve it. Sue Sylvester is the heart and soul of Glee.
  • Speaking of Glee, I’m so glad that it won. I love that show.
  • I still have very little desire to see Grey Gardens.
  • Toni Collette won a shocker for TV actress in a comedy. I won’t say she’s not deserving…I was just really surprised.
  • Alec Baldwin is the new Tony Shalhoub.
  • I think that Julianna Margulies winning Best Actress in a Drama series was a shock to everyone except Julianna Margulies.
  • T-Bone Burnett does not look like he should. He should at least have a beard.
  • I really like how the Oscars splits the screenplays into adapted and original. Like Just Cara said, when you are blessed with great source material, it’s hard to mess it up. Unless, of course, if you’re Rob Marshall.
  • I love Robert Downey, Jr., but I was really hoping for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to pull out the Best Actor Comedy win. He was awesome in (500) Days of Summer, one of my favorites of the last year.
  • The room was amazingly cold toward James Cameron during both of his acceptance speeches. And I was thinking, it’s gotta suck to be a filmmaker during the year that James Cameron comes out with a movie. It’s once every 10 years, but still. It’s gotta suck.

Overall, it was a decent show…not a ton of huge surprises. Would have liked to see Gervais push it a little more. It will be interesting to see Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin host the Oscars. I doubt they will go after any of the actors in attendance, but you never know.

Another thing to note, if you’re a Twitter user and you watch the Twitter stream during shows like this, I highly recommend following Doug Benson. He hosts a podcast called “I Love Movies” and is totally hilarious.

I’m with Conan

Today, Conan O’Brien said what everyone hoped he would say to NBC: take a hike.

And rightfully so. Leno indicated he wanted to quit, so NBC (wisely) locked up Conan to replace him. Then, Leno decided he wasn’t so sure about quitting. So NBC, in their infinite wisdom, changed their schedule to give Jay the hour lead-in to The Tonight Show, effectively taking the wind out of Conan’s sails…I mean who really wants to watch Leno do the pre-Tonight Show and then another hour of the regular Tonight Show? It’s just excessive.

But Leno couldn’t go quietly into the night. No one watched his show (because it was terrible and unfunny), so NBC once again decided to do something stupid (I’m still mad they cancelled Inside Schwartz) by throwing a complete wrench in their late night lineup, which still is uncertain.

So Conan, the real loser in all of this, decided enough was enough. His letter, addressed to “People of Earth” is funny, yet firm enough to let NBC know that he will not allow them to destroy the storied Tonight Show on his watch. Whether they actually listen to him is anyone’s guess. My assumption is that Jeff Zucker (who I am amazed still has a job through all this and their many other blunders, one of which includes almost cancelling The Office after the first season) will likely just let Conan go like he did David Letterman and re-hire Jay Leno to helm The Tonight Show. Which would be a mistake, if you consider Twitter to be the pulse of the nation. Four of the top 10 trending topics are about O’Brien, NBC or “Team Conan”.

But since when has NBC had any sense about what people care about. They are far too fragmented and their programming is 30% made up of Law & Order episodes. There’s a reason that they’re in 4th place. They’ve got a bunch of morons running the network.

It’s sad, too, because there is some good talent on NBC and some entertaining shows. But they don’t have the slightest clue how to market those shows or nurture their growth. Instead, they are reactionary and impatient.

And that just doesn’t work.