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My favorite Super Bowl Ads

A lot of people watch the Super Bowl. Something to the tune of 400 billion in 250,000 countries or something like that. Some watch for the game (and a great game it was!), others watch for the halftime show (my wife was in that group tonight) and lots of people watch for the commercials.

In this world of DVR fast-forwarding, this is the one time of year that advertisers are pretty much guaranteed that a metric crap ton of eyeballs are going to be watching. A lot of money is spent on agencies and a lot of rich people get a lot richer (#OccupySuperBowl, anyone?).

I could care less who won the game…in fact, when Boston and New York play, I think most people root for both teams to lose, if that’s possible. I do watch the game, and this was definitely an exciting one. But as a marketer, I definitely pay very close attention to the ads.

This was my setup during the game: Twitter on the left, ad notes on the right.

My Twitter setup during the Super Bowl

After, I went back through and looked at my notes…tried to figure out which ones I liked best. Here were my favorites:

Hyundai – “All For One”

Now, I just bought a Hyundai Sonata last year. I love my car. I also loved what Hyundai did as the sponsor of the pre-game show. This nod to the Rocky theme was pretty great.

Best Buy – Phone Innovators

This ad from Best Buy was terrific. Phone-agnostic, but showing the type of amazing innovation that has come from the smartphone industry. And hats off to Instagram and Square…both amazing apps. And the Words with Friends nod was the perfect amount of funny.

Chevy – “2012”

Detroit came with a couple great ads and I thought Chevy had a great night. This one was the better of their two (the other being the extreme sports Chevy Sonic), especially the use of “Looks Like We Made It.”

Doritos – “Man’s Best Friend”

Doritos puts a lot of effort into their Super Bowl ads and they’ve really done a lot of user-generated stuff. This ad made me laugh. Plus, dogs > cats.

Chrysler – “Halftime in America”

This ad easily won the night for me. Not only do you have Clint Eastwood, one of the biggest American icons, but you have this message that could have very easily gotten super political and ended up being inspirational. Loved the timing (obviously, right at halftime but before Madonna). I didn’t think Chrysler could come up with an ad that would eclipse what they did last year with Eminem. Turns out I was wrong. Other people felt the same, including Chevy, who put out this very classy tweet:

To me, that was pretty cool. The ad highlight of the night to me.

Some other thoughts

  • The highly-publicized “Matthew Broderick’s Day Off” ad for Honda really missed the mark for me.
  • When it came to movie trailers, The Avengers won, in my opinion.
  • The Coca-Cola polar bears are over.
  • I really love Betty White, but she runs the risk of overexposure, in my opinion.
  • The Hulu Plus ads are terrible.
  • I saw a ton of hash tags in commercials. Some good. Some bad. Very few were on screen long enough to be noticed. Keep them on the whole time. #solongvampires
  • The VW ad was funny, but that Star Wars end to it was totally lame.
  • At the risk of being a “defensive fan boy,” I thought the Samsung Note ad was a good ad for an absolutely terrible product. Nice to see someone trying to take on Apple. Is a mini-tablet (or is that a giant phone?) with a stylus really the best product to attack with?
  • Go Daddy is the worst.
  • After a bunch of terrible halftime shows (all since the infamous “wardrobe malfunction”), Madonna set the bar for the next 10 years. All halftime shows should be measured against that.

What did you think?

Bennett to Tampa, Super Bowl to London?

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K…

We all know that Larry Johnson is Kansas City’s number one running back. Even with the struggles he’s had, he’s still our #1 guy. Too much invested, yadda yadda yadda. But we also had a serviceable backup player in Michael Bennett. That is, until today.

Michael Bennett has been traded to The Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a conditional draft pick. It’s no secret that Tampa needed a running back. With Cadillac Williams out (of course he was on my fantasy team), they were in desperate need of a better runner. Bennett has the ability to be an every-down back, but had to sit behind one of the better runners in the league (Johnson hasn’t shown it this season yet, but we may see it yet).

The timing of this deal is what makes it interesting. Priest Holmes is eligible to come off of the Non-football Injury List and return to practice as early as tomorrow. I was listening to Tim Grunhard (former Chiefs center and radio host) talk about it this morning and it’s his belief that the Chiefs are trying to mess with Larry’s head.

When the Chiefs drafted Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes was our number one guy. Johnson believed he was a #1, but Priest was such a successful back that it was nearly impossible for Dick Vermeil to supplant Johnson into the lineup.

There’s something to Grunhard’s theory, but I’m not sure if that’s what they are trying to do. The truth is that the Chiefs were going to have to figure out what to do with Priest and they weren’t wanting to be the team that let him go only to have him revive his career in another city. The Bennett move makes sense since Kolby Smith is emerging as a legitimate backup. We’ll see what happens with Priest. I would love to see him make a comeback, but I still am skeptical.

Aunt Linda

Then there’s the rumor that Roger Goodell is entertaining the idea of holding the Super Bowl in London, England. At first, I thought to myself, WHAAAA?  Surely the NFL wouldn’t entertain holding the biggest game of the year outside the United States. Especially in London…don’t they know how cold it is in London in the winter? Then I realized that HOK Sport (go KC!) had recently recreated what is now “new Wembley Stadium” – a 90,000-capacity monster that has a retractable roof.

I also realized that the people that can afford to attend the Super Bowl could care less if it is in the United States, Mexico, London, or South Africa. The people who can afford a $1,000+ ticket would love the opportunity to go spend their money somewhere else.

Then again, there’s the whole question of how it is televised. A six-hour time difference means that in order to keep the game in primetime in the US, it would have to be played at 2 in the morning in London. There are lots of things to consider and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Super Bowl Thoughts

In the same vain as last year’s Super Bowl, I figured I would drop some thoughts on last night’s big game.

Fun fact: Did you know that you have to pay the NFL for the use of the phrase “Super Bowl” in a commercial, but if you use the phrase “the big game” you don’t have to pay them anything?…kinda funny.

Anywho, I was watching Mike & Mike on ESPN2 this morning and they were talking about a lot of the extracurricular stuff…not so much about the game. Because isn’t that really what the Super Bowl is anymore? An event? Not necessarily a contest?

It’s too bad too. The first half was very good football. And by “very good”, I mean “very boring defensive battle”. Fortunately things picked up in the second half (the reverse pass from Randle-El to Hines Ward was definitely a highlight), but let’s be honest. Seattle really gave that game to the Steelers. The score didn’t show it, but Seattle certainly had a lot of opportunities to win the game. In fact, after that interception that they had on Roethlisberger that they returned back to the 20, I really expected it to get better.

But they blew it.

Going in, I was about 60/40 on the Seahawks winning. I thought that they had the better team. And after the first half, I was sticking with my pick. They were moving the ball well, they just couldn’t score. I expected them to break through in the second half, but they were pretty ineffective. NFL MVP Shaun Alexander disappeared and the Seahawks tight end (Stevens?) couldn’t catch a ball to save his life. He dropped 3 critical passes he should have had. Not only that, but the Seahawks kept shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. Now, I think the one on Darrell Jackson in the end zone that called back their first touchdown was pretty crappy and it seemed an awful lot like the officiating was favoring the Steelers, but you can’t blame the officials on your inability to close or catch balls.

Honestly, I didn’t have any vested interest in the game, so I can’t say I’m upset that the Steelers won. Good for Jerome Bettis (seriously, one of the most overrated running backs in the history of the leauge…good guy though).

As far as the rest of the stuff goes. Halftime was horrible. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 180 years old and they just look weird performing. I understand the NFL’s desire to be “safe” after the Nipplegate of two years ago, but COME ON. At least give us SOMETHING.

My favorite commercials:

  • The creepy Whopperettes jumping on each other to make a burger
  • Most of the Bud Light ones, but particularly the one with the revolving refrigerator…”hey guys, the magic refrigerator is back!”…so funny
  • The H3 commercial with the monster and the robot…it’s actually been around a while, but it is a good commercial
  • The “Don’t Judge Too Quickly” Ameriquest commercials…my favorite was the one on the plane where the lady is trying to climb over the guy and then turbulence hits and her blouse comes undone a little just as she is stepping over a guy, causing her to land on him, blouse disheveled, just as the lights come on and everyone wakes up

Overall, it was just a Bowl. Not Super, but not bad.

Super Boring

The score wouldn’t suggest it, but I have to say that Super Bowl XXXIX fell WAY BELOW MY EXPECTATIONS.

I’m not just talking about the game. The commercials were weak, save maybe the one where the girl walks in and the guy is holding up a knife and her cat that is covered in marinara…funny stuff. The game was a defensive battle, which is undeniably boring. And just when you thought that the Eagles were actually going to give the Patriots a run for their money, the Patriots went and did what they always do these days, which is WIN SUPER BOWLS. There is something intangible about them and I don’t know exactly what it is, but I’m beginning to believe that there might actually be something to people calling Bill Belichick a genius, because hey, if the shoe fits…

If I have to see one more commercial about 24 or American Idol, I’m gonna puke.

Half-time show was lame. Paul McCartney is old and not sexy at all…he is the anti-Janet Jackson. I’d rather have had a Half-time show that was just Napoleon Dynamite dancing.