I saw snow this morning

I saw flurries this morning on my drive into work.

Not very many, but they were there. Tiny glints of white in the chilly air that didn’t even have enough volume to them to leave a mark on my windshield. But I could see them. And they were glorious.

Like the snowflakes, I’m coming out of retirement

After a long sabbatical from this blog (I’ve mostly been posting over on my Tumblr), I’ve decided to try and resume some sort of regular posting schedule. Most of this is an attempt to justify a new design that I hope to roll out soon and to talk about some stuff that’s been swirling around for a while now and I haven’t spent the time to talk at length about it.

When I originally started writing my blog, I did it as an outlet for my numerous opinions about movies, politics, music, etc. For 6 years now, this blog has been around (although you can probably knock off the last 6 months, since they don’t really count). One of the main reasons that I slowed down my posting was that I began to consider the audience when I was writing every single time instead of just writing for me.

I thought that if I switched over to Tumblr permanently that I’d use it more, but even there, I’m struggling to find stuff to post and I find myself still catering to that audience as much, if not more than I did before.

Either way, consider this my statement of being “back”. I’m not going to commit to any sort of schedule. I just wanted to remind you that I’m still here. I’m still going to write.

But I’m going to go back to doing it for me.

Here are some of the topics I intend to cover:

  • Matt Cassel and why he is completely overrated despite his inflated statistics
  • How Google’s Android operating system is killing the economy (and a review of all major Twitter clients for Android, all of which suck)
  • Why the iPad is the greatest device maybe ever
  • How we need to reevaluate this whole follower/following/friends thing in social media
  • What it’s been like being an assistant pastor for my church
  • What’s been good on TV lately
  • What our backyard looks like now that we’ve overhauled it
  • What I’m thankful for this year
  • What it’s like working with your professional idols on the web

So anyway…how have you been?