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Feedburner Issues

For a long time I’ve been using Feedburner to track my RSS readers. It gives a little more information than is built into WordPress and has worked great up to this point. Unfortunately, when Google purchased the property a while back, they decided that it needed to change. They didn’t say when the change would come, just that it would.

Well, that change is now.

It would be freaking super if I understood the rhyme or reason behind it or how to fix it, but I don’t. All I know is that my feed is jacked up right now and I’m trying to fix it. I hope this doesn’t cause too many problems. I may end up abandoning Feedburner altogether and just returning to the standard WordPress feed.

We will see. I’m just giving you a heads up.

Making a Switch

I’ve decided to bow to the web overlord that is Google and submit to its greatness. I’ve been a Bloglines user for a long time now. I always felt like it was the first and best option when it came to reading RSS feeds online. Turns out I was wrong. Leave to the geniuses at Google to come up with something better.

Google Reader is still a part of Google’s “Labs” project, but it is totally sweet. One of the nice things about it is that I can access it from my personalized Google front page and there is a nifty toolbar notifier for the Mac that is a lot more useful than the crappy Bloglines one. (The Google one actually previews the items for you).

I’ll probably keep my Bloglines subscription for a while, but if I can get into the habit of using Google Reader, I imagine it will be all I use.