WITFV25: Lazy Days

Today, I’m thankful for lazy days. Lazy days are the days in the fall when you can snuggle up on the couch, cover up with a blanket and watch as much TV as your eyes can handle. Alli and I did that this afternoon.

Her family is in town for the holiday weekend, but they were off at the car dealership all day with my sister-in-law picking up her new car (congratulations Ashley!). Since they were there much longer than they expected, Alli and I got to chill out and relax longer than we had planned.

And that was fine by me.

We caught up on The Apprentice episodes (bye bye Adam) that we missed last night, as well as Joey (Thanksgiving episode just not as funny without the rest of the Friends) and My Name is Earl (getting better as the season goes on, but still needs some work). Later, we watched 2 rented movies, Kingdom of Heaven (terrific flick) and Millions (odd British film that wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great).

Overall…it was a great day of being lazy. That’s what the day after Thanksgiving is all about…laziness.


Have you heard about these types of services?

I may be in the minority here, but I cannot imagine paying someone to rip all my CDs for me…that just seems lazy. I suppose that there are people who value their time that much that they will pay someone else to get all their music digital. I could see it if you are a busy person (with money to burn), but I just don’t understand it.

I have over 7000 songs in my iTunes library and I have ripped every single one of them myself. (OK, maybe not ALL of them, but most).

Interesting aside regarding this. My hometown newspaper made a mistake. In reporting this, they said that it was about $1/song, but it is really $1/CD. More affordable, but still a little pretentious. I bet those companies are making a killing though.

Touchless Carwashes = Annoying

I can’t even begin to describe how annoying touchless carwashes are, but let’s face it: Rain gets my car as clean as they do.

For the longest time, I have been searching for a gas station to offer anything but these sorry excuses for a “wash” and I finally found one yesterday. Words cannot describe my glee when I saw the velvet touch brushes, hanging limply before I punched in my code to send them into glorious, spinning, soapy action.

See, in Kansas, we have bugs in the summer, and lots of them. They get caked on your car, and then baked into the paint in the humid summer months. Being the lazy…errrr…BUSY American that I am, time to scrub down my gas-guzzling SUV is not easy to come by. Plus, I never really get too excited with the unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately.

Having a wash that will actually wreak havoc to your paint job in order to make your car shiny is nice…I don’t want my car babied…it needs a hardcore wash, not some sissy touchless crap.


I can’t claim to have accomplished much this weekend.

It’s been a while since Alli and I have had a weekend to ourselves. It was a really busy summer and it seemed like we were always doing something. This weekend, we were fortunate enough to not have anything on the docket, so we did woke up early-ish and made some awesome french toast, complete with Vanilla Almond Special K baked into it. It was [COUSIN EDDIE] “gooooo-oooood.”

After that, we sat on the couch and watched Alias ALL DAY LONG. We had 2 discs of season 2 to finish and we had bought season 3 a while back and we were anxious to watch it. During the year, it was disappointing to watch because it was a new episode here, a rerun there, a missed week here…it felt disjointed. BUT, we got three discs into season 3, and I have to say…totally better than I remembered it. I’m holding out hope that I was disappointed with last season only because it was so disjointed, not because the story was all that bad. So far, my assessment is holding up, but time will tell.

We also saw Shark Tale on Sunday. I don’t know if I was in a bad mood or what, but the movie was really disappointing. Not really funny, not a great story. As far as animated fish movies go…Finding Nemo was exponentially better. That’s not just my opinion. Alli, my brother, Jake…we all agreed…disappointing movie.