The 160GB hard drive on my five-year-old iMac G5 died a few days ago.

I’m not sure what happened. I’d like to blame Microsoft and I actually have some justification in doing it. For some reason, it froze in the middle of a Microsoft Office automatic update and it never recovered.

I’ve tried everything I can for free. I took it to the Apple Store on the Plaza…they couldn’t even see it. I bought a SATA to USB adapter on eBay that arrived today…it didn’t work either.

So I called a data recovery specialist. They told me that if they didn’t recover anything (which they assured me rarely happens), it would still cost me a $200 attempt fee, but if they did, it would be closer to $2,300! (They give you a range and the price is based on how much they recover – minimum $500, maximum $2,700.)

As much as I’d like to recover the data, I’m not down with dropping that much money. The only absolutely heart-breaking thing that I lost was a bunch of pictures. Fortunately, I moved many of the 10,000+ in my iPhoto library (especially the almost 2,000 from our Italy trip) to my Macbook and I’m thankful for that. 

I’ll likely discover over time more of what’s missing, but what’s disheartening is that if I’d upgraded to Leopard I could have used Time Machine to automate the backups, but unfortunately I was still running Tiger.

If there’s one bright spot regarding the crash, it’s that the computer itself will still work and I can upgrade the drive to 320GB…twice the size of its predecessor. Still, it sucks.

WITFV7: My Computer

Volume 7

Today, I’m thankful for my computer. I have this beautiful 20″ iMac sitting in front of me right now. It’s such a terrific computer with a gorgeous display and it RUNS MAC OS X.

It was a Christmas present to me last year and I absolutely love it. I would like to build a better desk for it, but that is down the road, when I have some spare time to figure everything out since I have a strangely shaped room.

There’s a couple of things that I love about this computer:

  1. Its beautiful form factor. I don’t know if there has been a slimmer, more attractive computer.
  2. It runs Mac OS X. I know I mentioned this before, but this is a wonderful thing.
  3. The Bluetooth option. I don’t have the internal Bluetooth, but I have a USB Bluetooth key, which allows me to use this very nice wireless keyboard and mouse. What’s genius about them is that I was able to haul my computer to a mini-showcase for Alli last weekend and run a slideshow of all her work on my screen on our table. It looked very nice and super professional, almost like a TV.
  4. The nice big screen. Brilliant colors. 20″ widescreen. You gotta love it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If somebody got me a companion iBook laptop to go with it, I wouldn’t kick that computer out of bed for eating crackers, but it would most certainly be my traveling companion (emphasis on companion…I wouldn’t even get MS Office for it…I’d just rock iWork on it). This gorgeous machine in front of me will be my primary computer for a long time.

(Unless of course I get into music or movie production or something insane like that where I might need to get one of those slick new Quad G5’s.)

So thanks, Apple (and more importantly Mom and Dad). I really love my computer.


Tiger is out and it’s awesome.

Got my copy over the weekend and installed it right away. I had issues on my first install because I didn’t unplug my firewire drive, something that I guess should have been understood. Once I figured that out though, the install was a snap.

The first noticable difference is the speed. It just seems to run faster than it’s other large-cat-counterparts Jaguar and Panther. Programs load faster, the computer awakes from sleep faster and searching is faster. When I got my iMac G5, I was a bit underwhelmed by the speed of it in comparison to the grey and white G4 Powermac I was using before. This OS gets rid of my speed concerns.

Spotlight is awesome, but I am really looking forward to using it more as I get more of my stuff converted over to my Mac…I’ve still got a few PC leftovers that I would like to eliminate if possible. Getting those indexed in Spotlight so they are easy to find in the future would make things easier.

My favorite (albeit very trite) feature is Dashboard, the handy-dandy widget holder complete with all the stuff you use regularly, but shouldn’t need the internet for (package tracking, yellow pages, dictionary, thesaurus, etc.). I recently downloaded the Yahoo! Local Traffic widget and it is cool…giving you live updates of traffic in your area. Very nice little feature.

Overall, I’m finding that I want to spend more time on my computer just because the OS is so pretty. At work, I’m stuck on this awful XP-laden Dell, and I long for walks in the park with a shiny Aqua theme and a functional Dock and Dashboard. It also makes me realize that I need a prettier home for my computer. I think I’m going to build a desk this summer. It might be a bit of a project, but because of the size and shape of the room, custom is the only way I can go.

One can wish…

What’s with all the boxes?

Just wondering…if we consider that software companies are taking over the world (isn’t that right, Bill?), why in the world is it that they can’t seem to fit their product into a normal sized box?

I just got Panther and iLife ’04 for the PowerMac G4 that my brother was kind enough to donate to me. As I was sitting here surfing, I stared into the pile of empty boxes that sits in the recliner in my office and wondered to myself, Is it really that difficult to put all of the stuff into a smaller box?

I can’t figure it out. Apple can fit an entire computer into this, but for some reason, they can’t manage to make a piece of software that fits in something smaller than a Volkswagen.

People might argue that the documentation won’t fit. For the money that they spend on these expensive booklets, they could include an extra (much smaller) disc that contains a massive PDF of all of their manuals, documentation, warranties, etc.

You might ask me, “why is it, Shane, that you keep all of these boxes that you so despise?” And that would be a good question, one that really has no answer. You never know when you’ll need them I guess. Plus, I always know where to look for the serial numbers. Maybe I should throw them away…

But they’re so pretty…