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I was right about Herm Edwards

During Herm Edwards’ tenure at the helm of the Chiefs, I was openly critical of how I felt like he didn’t belong anywhere near an NFL sideline. He’s a joke of a “coach” and got absolutely nothing out of his players, only making it to the playoffs on the back of the weakness of the AFC West and with Dick Vermeil’s guys.

Sure, he had to deal with Carl Peterson instead of Scott Pioli, but after watching Todd Haley coach in his second season and get more out of Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Derrick Johnson and several other players than Edwards ever did, it’s obvious to me that Edwards was unfit to be an NFL coach. For a guy who was always considered a “player’s coach”, he never got very much out of his players. He’s a nice guy and a decent TV analyst, but is an utter disaster as a head coach.

Kudos to Todd Haley for getting what was expected out of great draft picks. I’m excited to see how our young guys continue to develop under his tutelage. Herm Edwards, stay in the booth.

It FINALLY happened

I’m about half a day late to this dance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate. Herm Edwards is finally gone.

I want to point you to a post that I wrote on December 18, 2006 in which I called for his firing:

The Kansas City Chiefs are a poor excuse for a mediocre football team. And I blame Edwards. His poor game planning has single-handedly ruined one of the league’s most potent offenses over the last 5 years and turned it into a team that loses to THE CLEVELAND BROWNS.

So a mere two years later, I finally get what I’ve been asking for all along.

I’m not sure what took the organization this long to let him go. He had to know that the writing was on the wall, but I’m assuming that Edwards thought to himself, “If I get fired, I still get paid, but if I quit, I don’t.” I’ve never seen Herm as a quitter. He’s a decent guy, a man of faith and family and all that, but as a football coach, he is dismally underqualified.

We know that Herm can’t take all the blame for the disaster that is the Chiefs, but he should bear a large amount of the responsibility with his antiquated approach to offense and his inability to put together a defense. With Carl Peterson gone, the writing was really on the wall for a guy whose team was only better than Detroit, Oakland and St. Louis over the last two years and only had two wins in the last 25 games.

The rumor mill is abuzz with who will be the next head coach at 1 Arrowhead Drive. Chris Mortenson at ESPN is lobbying heavily for former Donkeys redfaced coach Mike Shenanigans. I hope for the love of God he is wrong. The Chiefs fan in me will always be conflicted cheering for that guy. I can’t figure out what the appeal of Shanahan is. This is a guy who melted down in the horrid AFC West this year, ultimately losing their last three games and the division to the Chargers who had started the season at 4-8.

If the Chiefs are looking to go with a proven coach, I’d prefer Bill Cowher (he claims he doesn’t want to coach this year, but I imagine he could be convinced). But honestly, if I’m Scott Pioli (or any general manager for that matter), I’m not paying these big salary coaches a dime. I’d rather go with a guy like Haley, the offensive coordinator from the Super Bowl-bound Arizona Cardinals. The time for these old coaches is over. Let’s get some new blood on the sidelines and see what they can do. It seems to be working out OK for Pittsburgh and Arizona, who both have first-time head coaches (Mike Tomlin and Ken Whisenhunt, respectively) at the helm.


We all know the Chiefs stink. Carl Peterson getting fired (or resigning or whatever) isn’t going to fix our problems. We still have a complete clown for a coach.

I had said to myself that I wasn’t going to blog about it anymore, but watching the hatchet job he does every Sunday, it’s difficult to keep quiet.

Now that Clark Hunt has done the right thing in getting rid of Carl, he should follow up by removing the coach who single-handedly has dealt this team loss after loss over the pass two years. Watching Miami’s Tony Sparano coach his team to a possible playoff berth one year after their abysmal Cam Cameron 1-15 season assures me that with the right leadership, ANY team can turn it around. There are folks who will say that Carl was the problem and that Herm should be given the chance to “get his guys”. Well, I think that Herm could fill every coaching slot with “his guys” and draft for another 2 years and we wouldn’t be much closer then than we are now. He’s just a bad coach.

He was a bad coach in New York. He lucked into the playoffs on the heels of Dick Vermeil’s guys his first year here and has since turned the Chiefs into the AFC’s version of the Detroit Lions. In fact, if the Lions didn’t exist, I doubt there’d be much discussion as to who the worst team in the NFL is.

Clark Hunt has shown that he’s got the stones to do the right thing. He should do it again and get rid of Herm, start anew and renew the loyal Chiefs fans’ faith in 1 Arrowhead Drive. I think that 2-14 is a good enough excuse to blow it up. Let’s now see if Clark Hunt will do it.

Let’s hope that next week’s second half meltdown to the Bengals is the final time we have to watch Herm stomp the sidelines of the field acting like he cares when he really has absolutely no clue how to coach an NFL team. For the sake of the organization, it’s time to let him go.


I went to see the tragic Chiefs game today with my future brother-in-law, Tyson.

We arrived at the game and the thermostat on my car read 60 degrees. By the time we finished grilling up our burgers, the temperature had dropped at least 20 degrees. Since this was Tyson’s first game ever (and we’d already dropped the $22 for parking – straight-up highway robbery), we weren’t going to let a little cold Canadian air chill us out.

We froze with about 25,000 other people – starting the first quarter and half of the second quarter up in the Northeast corner in Section 339. The Chiefs looked good…a little TOO good. And then I remembered (as did they) that they were the Chiefs, and they are only capable of ONE half of football per game. Unable to stand the cold anymore, we mosied down to section 112, but the wind was just as cold there.

Something happens to the Chiefs when they go into the locker room. Herm’s speeches must be the most mind-numbing, heart-breaking, soul-sucking stories because the team that emerges in the second half doesn’t look a THING like the one that led San Diego 21-10 at the half.

I feel like I’m the only sane person in a city full of crazies. I know that Carl Peterson is mostly responsible digging the grave of this once great franchise, but Edwards is the guy who came and desecrated that grave, stole the gravestone, and replaced it with a bunch of garbage behind the guise of “a defensive mind”. I’m sorry…”defensive-minded” coaches do NOT blow a 21-10 lead with 4:55 left in the game.

This team is a mess. People say that firing Edwards won’t solve the problem. I think they’re wrong. See: Miami.

Also, wasn’t it interesting that Carl Peterson was suspiciously missing from Willie Roaf’s halftime presentation of *GASP!* a framed jersey? This type of thing is the stuff that King Carl lived for. A chance at the spotlight to honor Willie Roaf – one of his minor successes in a long string of absolute failures. Was Peterson’s absence a sign of things to come? We can only hope…

5 Percent

In their last 20 games, the Herm Edwards-led Kansas City Chiefs have won once. That’s five percent.

What kind of league has the NFL become where not a single person is held responsible for this type of futility? I really wanted the Bills to score again, just to drive home the point that the Chiefs really are as bad as their 1-19 record reflects.

I don’t want to hear about “promise” and “potential”. Because promise and potential doesn’t get beaten 54-31 in Arrowhead Stadium. There are other words that describe teams that get beaten by that margin at home. But I won’t print those here.

Herm Edwards and Carl Peterson should both be fired. Peterson’s horrid decision-making is finally to the point where it is affecting ticket sales, which is the only reason that he’s been around so long. Clark Hunt can no longer ignore the awfulness of the Chiefs when 20,000+ fans walk out of the stadium halfway through the 3rd quarter (and those were the ones that actually showed up).

But I feel like I’m just repeating myself. It’s really getting old. Not that winning a game would change anything other than just extending the pain of the Herm Edwards era by giving us some smidgen of false hope in a coach who couldn’t effectively coach a Pop Warner team to a championship and a General Manager who should be arrested for theft, larceny and the robbery all the hopes and dreams of Chiefs fans in this city.

But I’ve said this beforeit’s nothing new.