About a Week Back…

Ever hear the one about how I got a weak back?

For a few weeks, I’ve been alluding to my back and the issues I’ve been having with it. It started after a routine massage at one of the chiropractors in Gardner. My back had been bothering me a little beforehand and my masseuse must have knocked something loose because I woke up the next day barely able to walk. My hips were bothering me and my back didn’t feel a whole lot better.

The situation did not progress positively.

Over the next couple of days, everything was painful to me. I went back to the chiropractor and said to them, “You’ve got to fix this.”

I had some X-Rays taken and it turns out that I have a pretty severe curvature of my spine that starts at my L5 vertebra and manages to straighten itself back up by the time it reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades. That results in my spine looking somewhat like an upside-down question mark.

Over the past weeks I’ve been visiting the Chiropractor every day or two, getting adjustments and therapy to my back. Lately, I think we’ve been making progress. After long periods of sitting in a chair all day long (which is pretty much what I do every day), my back gets really really tired. And I still get twinges every once in a while, but I’ve been icing it like crazy and they gave me this very cool herbal anti-inflammatory called Inflamax.

Apparently, this curvature is something I was born with. Once all the swelling around my nerves goes down, I should be able to manage with bi-weekly or monthly adjustments. I’m hoping that I can return to a normal, active life (not that it was terribly active, but one can hope, right?).

So that’s the “back thing” I’ve been talking about for a while. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

It’s December!

My favorite month of the year really snuck up on me this year.

My Erin Cone Original

December is always my favorite because not only is it cold and I can justify making chili, but it’s also Christmas and my birthday. Last year was my last milestone year for a while and Alli made it a good one.

We had a fantastically relaxing weekend, starting with an early chiropractor appointment (more on my back issues in another post), then just spending some time walking around Wal-Mart in Gardner. As much as i dislike the Big Blue Box, it was nice just walking around looking at stuff with no agenda at all.

We went home, I balanced the checkbook, Alli worked on dance stuff, we caught up on some TV and flipped back and forth between the Food Network, the DIY Network and HGTV. We had a late lunch (frozen California Pizza Kitchen Margherita pizza…good stuff) and then took a nice nap. Woke up and watched MU get worked by Oklahoma and I made some absolutely awesome peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. No, you may not have any of them.

Today was church, another Chiefs loss, more relaxing, then the church kids’ Christmas program, capped off by Starbucks with Mom. Nonfat, sugar-free, gingerbread latte. YUM.

I’m not really wanting to go back to work tomorrow.  I’m wishing that the U.S. had a vacation month like most of Europe does. And I wish it was December.