Alias: Endgame

For four years now (we started watching regularly in Season Two), Alli and I have been hooked on the television show, Alias, starring Jennifer Garner as super-spy Sidney Bristow. That show came to an end with a 2-hour finale last night and it continued in my mind throughout my dreams (not your crazy “JG Dies” dreams, Sarah…just normal Alias dreams).

After 4 years of building up what I thought that the finale should be, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed in the final product. The finale did its best to wrap up all loose ends – Rambaldi’s endgame (immortality?), Sloane’s endgame (immortality?), Irina’s endgame (surprise…immortality) – and what ultimately will happen to the people around Sidney (most live, some die).

In a lot of ways, it was what a finale should be, a wrap-up of the previous seasons, and it tried to accomplish that with flashbacks to Sidney’s past, but I couldn’t help but feel those were trying a little too hard. I would have much rather them spent more time on the present-day story than giving back-story to the character that faithful watchers know more about than any.

Now, call me a sentimental guy, but I like happy endings in TV and movies. I was glad when Ross and Rachel ended up together on Friends, and it pleased me a lot when they revealed that Vaughn was still alive. The last several episodes have been really good and they brought us to the finale well, but you could tell that the show had “lost” its touch of its creator, JJ Abrams. I would have liked to have seen his participation in the final episodes a little more, but he was a little pre-occupied with that crazy Tom Cruise and that little Mission Impossible movie.

I don’t know. Perhaps me being disappointed with the finale is my way of dealing with the fact that the show is actually gone. It will live on in the DVDs (Season 1 and 2 are still the best), but I’ll miss Alias Night at our house. Most of all, I’ll miss the magic that was captured in this show in the early seasons. It was the kind of show that you just wanted to watch every week (because if you didn’t, you’d be lost). The characters were so endearing that you related to them, even if they were spies.

My hat is off to you, Jennifer Garner and the Alias crew. You will be missed.

WITFV10: TV Shows on DVD

This is something that is pretty inane to be thankful for, but let me tell you something: I never would have gotten into (nor would I have gotten Alli into) That ’70s Show. But my brother bought Season One and Two and Alli and I have been working our way through them, episode by hilarious episode.

We actually own all 9 seasons of Friends that have been released thus far. And we own Seasons 1-3 of Alias (still haven’t gotten Season 4 yet…trying to figure out when to make that purchase).

It’s just that it is such a great way to watch TV…lots of episodes at a time, so if you have shows that have continuing storylines (like Alias), you aren’t lost (by the way, how good is THAT show?).

Television Awesomeness

Brian says it best here.

JJ Abrams is the new Joss Whedon.

Although I was never a huge fan of Buffy or Angel or those shows, it was hard to deny their popularity or originality. I don’t really want to see Jennifer Garner bust out in song like the Buffy musical (although she has sung on the show before), I would be more than happy for Alias to have the longevity that Buffy had over the years.

And LOST. What can you say about LOST. Such a good show. Brings me back to the first season of Alias in its originality. Chills went up my spine at the end of Wednesday’s episode. The numbers bring back everything that was awesome about the Rambaldi storyline. While they’ve abandoned the crazy Italian Prophet this season on Alias somewhat, I expect him to come back in a big way during the second half of the season.

Sark on the loose? Awesome. This show needs more Sark.


Alias is easily one of my all-time favorite shows. The storyline is always interesting and it is well-acted by a fantastic cast, led by Jennifer Garner in her breakout role as Sydney Bristow.

Elektra was NOT Alias.

JG is still quite a butt-kicker, but the movie lacked the strong support of other characters. The only name was Goran Visnjic, of ER fame, but even he was, well…, blah. I just felt that they could have done more with the characters and I was disappointed with how far it strayed from her Daredevil character (yes, I liked Daredevil…I’m not afraid to admit it).

The fight scenes were cool and there were a bunch of ninjas, which was totally sweet, but I just didn’t buy the guy who had all the tattoos that turned into animals. Or the blatant Poison Ivy (from Batman Forever) ripoff. Or the Stone guy (who still dies rather easily). The only cool evil dude was the main one, and even he was a little lame…just really fast.

I was a bit disappointed…thought it could have been better, but I didn’t have very high expectations. Considering that…

IMDb Rating: 5 of 10.