What’s with all the boxes?

Just wondering…if we consider that software companies are taking over the world (isn’t that right, Bill?), why in the world is it that they can’t seem to fit their product into a normal sized box?

I just got Panther and iLife ’04 for the PowerMac G4 that my brother was kind enough to donate to me. As I was sitting here surfing, I stared into the pile of empty boxes that sits in the recliner in my office and wondered to myself, Is it really that difficult to put all of the stuff into a smaller box?

I can’t figure it out. Apple can fit an entire computer into this, but for some reason, they can’t manage to make a piece of software that fits in something smaller than a Volkswagen.

People might argue that the documentation won’t fit. For the money that they spend on these expensive booklets, they could include an extra (much smaller) disc that contains a massive PDF of all of their manuals, documentation, warranties, etc.

You might ask me, “why is it, Shane, that you keep all of these boxes that you so despise?” And that would be a good question, one that really has no answer. You never know when you’ll need them I guess. Plus, I always know where to look for the serial numbers. Maybe I should throw them away…

But they’re so pretty…

Firefocks Rocks

I have to say, I used to think that my friend Kevin was crazy. I never understood the whole “other browser” idea until about 2 months ago. I’ve always been an IE guy (*GASP*) and I’ve been exposed to Safari through my recent home conversion to a Mac, but I never really got on board with all the other browsers. Couple reasons:

  1. There are too many choices. How is one to differentiate?
  2. IE is built in and isn’t completely horrible. Why hassle with switching?
  3. I don’t like ads, but I also don’t want to pay for my browser (see: Opera).
  4. Did I mention that I’m lazy? If not, I’m lazy.
  5. I have having to move bookmarks, cookies, etc.

However, my friend Kevin (of graphicpush.com fame) introduced me to a little browser called Firefox recently. He had spoken of it before, but when I saw that little number after the release (I believe it was 0.87 at the time), I immediately turned it off. While I like being an early adopter of new technology and stuff…I like to at least know that it works.

Well, Mozilla’s new preview release of Firefox 1.0…it works. And, it’s totally sweet. Not only is it fast and does it have tabbed browsing (which is awesome…totally new to me…like I said…IE guy), but it also has a built in RSS Feed parser so you can subscribe to sites that have an RSS feed and read them without actually going to the site, which is, by definition, awesome. You can browse the headlines of your favorite blogs, news sites, etc. and pick and choose the actual stories you want to read (not that you would skim on this site, considering it is totally sweet).

Not only that, but it will also import all of your existing IE data, including your bookmarks and all of your cookies and stuff, which is great, overcoming the above listed #4 and #5.

That being said…if you are in an office environment like me, IE has engorged itself so much into so many things that it becomes really difficult to permanently make the switch. But I’m trying…

Burritos = Good.

Today I profess my love for burritos. Those that know me (you know who you are) know my feelings on the issue, but I want to make sure that people understand the genius that is the Chipotle Burrito.

First, you start with a shell or a bowl. Lately, I’ve been eating it in a bowl…less carbs and less calories. Then you add some of the scrumptious rice that could be described as manna from heaven, a hint of lime and cilantro accents the ricey goodness. Sometimes I feel like peppers and onions, others I don’t, and other times, I’ll have a splash of their pinto beans.

Next, the good stuff…steak that has been marinated in some spicy concoction that only a true genius could have created. The secret is next…the green tomatillo sauce. It’s like the shirt says…”Shhhh…don’t tell anyone about the green tomatillo salsa…” You almost feel like you’re getting away with something…it’s that good. Top it off with some cheese and guacamole and you are good to go.

Sure, it’s about 800 calories, but it’s totally worth it for 2 reasons:

  1. You get a ton of food.
  2. It has healthy stuff in it so it can’t be that bad.

My wife and I are addicts. I only bring this up because until two nights ago, it had been about 2 weeks since my last feeding at Burrito Heaven. When you eat it once a week, your body becomes acclimated to the burrito. Mine yesterday and today….not so much.


An interesting stat came to my attention prior to last night’s debate. In 1980, when then-President Jimmy Carter was running against soon-to-be-President Ronald Reagan, over 80 million people tuned in to watch the first of their debates. That accounted for about 1/3 of the entire population of the United States. Fast-forward 20 years to the Bush-Gore debates of 2000, one of the most closely contested elections of all-time, and the amount of people that tuned into the first debate (where Al Gore famously sighed repeatedly while Bush answered questions) was just over 40 million. Now I don’t know how many people tuned in last night…I imagine that it was probably somewhere in the realm of 50-60 million (who wouldn’t with the Joey/Will & Grace lead-in), but you can be sure that I had my eyes glued to my big screen.

Both sides are now currently in spin-mode, trying to claim that they won last night’s debate. At the time, I thought that there were certainly areas where both candidates succeeded, and areas where both fell short. Kerry didn’t have a good answer for his ever-changing positions, but Bush didn’t use his best soundbyte more than once (“September 10 mentality”).

Kerry surprised me on some of his knowledge of foreign policy, particularly with North Korea. However, his continued belief that our “allies” (the ones that he believes are allies – France, Germany, etc.) will just fall into line once he gets elected is not only overly optimistic, it’s downright stupid. Both Chirac and Schroeder have openly announced that even if Kerry is elected, they will not enter into the ground fighting in Iraq. Kerry believes that he can just wave his magic wand and they’ll change their mind.

The reason that France and Germany didn’t go into Iraq was because both were receiving oil kickbacks from Saddam in exchange for weapons parts that they were providing.

Bush, unfortunately, at times came across like his 2000 opponent, visibly upset by certain points that Kerry made. He got flustered at times and he does not communicate nearly as well when he is flustered. I would have liked to see him push Kerry more on his plan for Iraq. Kerry very obviously doesn’t have a definitive one. A while back I heard that he was planning to increase our military enrollment by 30,000 troops in the next year. Did he say how? Not so much. He just said he would increase enrollment…where from? Thin air, I guess…

I’m Brian Fellow!

Welcome to my blog. Lately I’ve been inspired to write. No particular reason other than I don’t do it much anymore and I need to keep my skills sharp. “Like bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills…girls like guys who have great skills…”

Seeing as this is my first post, I thought I would tell you a bit about myself.

I’m Shane. I’m from Kansas. I do not live on a farm. I live in the metropolitan Kansas City area where I am a graphic designer for a software company. My wife and I have been married for 4 years and live in a house with our dog, Dreyfuss.

I’ve lived in the Kansas City area nearly all my life, save a few years when I lived in Iowa while I went to school at the glorious Graceland College (now University) in the booming metropolis of Lamoni. While there, I engaged in the normal, college-like activities, I played volleyball, worked at a pizza place, wrote for the newspaper – The Tower – and met my wife.

Things I like:

  • hanging with my wife and dog
  • movies
  • music (I really really like my iPod + iTunes)
  • chipotle burritos
  • the TV show “Alias” – the best show EVER
  • apple computers
  • most EA Sports video games for PS2
  • poker (only recently really, but I like it a lot)
  • reading (but only sometimes)
  • cheeseburgers
  • Mountain Dew (most forms, though I have yet to try the new black kind)
  • The Chiefs

Things I dislike:

  • ignorance
  • people who drive with their lights on during the day
  • temperatures over 85 degrees
  • people who don’t vote because “one vote doesn’t make a difference”
  • pants other than jeans
  • old navy t-shirts (they are too short for my long torso)
  • the general refusal of PC users to accept the Firewire interface, favoring USB (for some god-forsaken reason) over it

I’m a generally happy guy. But I’m opinionated and when I think a certain way…I’ll tell you. Just FYI.