Dinner at Perilla

I’m currently in New York City for the Web 2.0 Expo and Alli joined me so she could see some of the city with Rachel and we could hang out at night.

Tonight was our big date night in the city. We had tickets to see Complexions Modern Ballet at the Joyce Theater (which was amazing), but before the performance, we had one of the greatest meals I have ever eaten.

I was a fan of Harold Dieterle’s as soon as I saw him on Season One of Top Chef [proof 1 2 3]. In fact, I even put “eat at Harold’s restaurant Perilla” on a bucket list I made in May of this year.

Tonight, I actually got to check that off tonight.

Perilla NYC Meal

What you’re seeing in this picture is the tasting of Colorado lamb, my entree at Perilla.

I started with the Crispy Calimary & Watercress salad. It had mint and pecans and a chili-lime vinaigrette. Alli started with the Baby Red Romaine salad, which had bartlett pears, stilton cheese and spicy pecan vinaigrette. I tried both. They were so balanced and amazing (you’ll see a theme begin to develop).

For the main course, I had the lamb trio — grilled rack, crispy braised belly, homemade cheese & parsley sausage. Alli had their Red Kuri Squash Agnolotti with chanterelles, grilled halloumi & brown butter-hazelnut sauce. We also got the Farro Risotto on the side to share. We followed it up with a piece of the pumpkin pecan pie with caramel sauce and pumpkin ice cream.

Perilla NYC Meal

Perilla NYC Meal

I don’t think that we could have made a bad decision. Frankly, I’m fairly certain that everything on the menu is phenomenal because everything that we had far exceeded my high expectations. Our service was exceptional. The decor is appropriate. The music…well, I don’t know who makes their playlists, but it might as well have been me.

One more thing: at the end of our meal, I told our server to please give our compliments to the chef and that I was a huge fan of everything. She said, “Well, he’s here, would you like to say hello?”


I thought that she was going to bring Harold out to the table…no, she came back and waved to us, signaling us to come with her and we followed her back into the kitchen where I got to shake Harold’s hand and thank him personally for the meal. I admit that I was a bit starstruck, but who cares? It was awesome.

I can’t state this too strongly: our meal was legendary. It’s been 4 hours since it ended and I’m still thinking about it. Thank you so much to Harold and the entire Perilla staff for making our dinner very special. It far exceeded my experience at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that?

Mesa Grill

All in due time…

Missed Tweets from Wyoming

On July 2nd at 3:12 p.m., I twittered the following:

Twitter Status / Shane Adams

There were a couple of reasons for that:

  1. To unplug. It’s healthy. I spend a lot of time on the internet. But not on vacation.
  2. I was in Wyoming. Out of cell coverage. Twittering would have been pretty difficult.
  3. To prove to myself that I could.

I know that the internet missed me. But alas, I powered through six days without Twitter or internet or even cell service.

So in the spirit of my lack of twittering, I thought that I would share the updates that I would have twittered had I been connected:

Last minute packing. Trying to get it all into one bag since we’re all driving together. 8 adults and a baby in a 12-passenger van. 6:07 PM Jul 2nd from ÃœberTwitter

And we’re off. A little cramped in here. 11 hours to Wyoming. Pretty pumped. 8:00 PM Jul 2nd from ÃœberTwitter

We’re only one hour in and I’ve already had at least six of the cookies my mom baked for the trip. Okay TWELVE. 9:07 PM Jul 2nd from ÃœberTwitter

Nebraska City. Time for me to drive. Good thing I brought good music. Carolina Liar. PLAY. 10:37 PM Jul 2nd from ÃœberTwitter

The van we rented has a massive fuel tank. If my contacts weren’t drying out my eyes, I could make all the way to Wyoming. 2:30 AM Jul 3rd from ÃœberTwitter

Huge wind farm between Cheyenne and the ranch. I wonder how much energy each one of these things generates? 5:12 AM Jul 3rd from ÃœberTwitter

A View of the Bit-O-Wyo Ranch

I need a nap. This ranch is so gorgeous. I have so many good memories from this place. http://www.bitowyoranch.com 6:20 AM Jul 3rd from ÃœberTwitter

Alli, Ireland and Kelly feeding the horses

The horses: Cody, Sundance, Shoshoni, Chugwater, Dakota, Cheyenne, Comanche, Cherokee, Bridger, Colter, Red Cloud, Red Rocks, & Washakie. 4:16 PM Jul 3rd from ÃœberTwitter

Cowboy Mountain Man

Shooting a bow and arrow not very well. 5:12PM Jul 3rd from ÃœberTwitter

RT @whitneymathews @shaneadams On America’s birthday, I’d like to tell you that your interview is the 6th most-viewed page ever on our site. 8:16 AM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Up and ready to go hiking at Vedauwoo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedauwoo 9:30 AM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Holy crap. I almost just died. Slipped and almost fell off a 30-foot drop. Pretty scary. SERIOUSLY. Legs are a bit shaky now. 12:28 PM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Mom started crying when I told her about almost falling off the mountain. 1:09 PM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Rain has kept us from riding horses. We had hoped to ride after we got back and had lunch, but it is pouring. 2:49 PM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Annoyed. 6:17 PM Jul 4th from ÃœberTwitter

Me and Gabe

My oldest friend in the world is here now. Gabe is one of the funniest, best people I know. 11:30 AM Jul 5th from ÃœberTwitter

What the heck is going on? Yesterday, I almost fell off a mountain. Today, I get thrown from a horse. Probably shouldn’t shoot any guns. 12:30 PM Jul 5th from ÃœberTwitter

Hearing about The Infinity Principle, a new book by one of my Wyoming friends, Chad. http://infinityprinciple.com 4:00 PM Jul 5th from ÃœberTwitter

Wyoming cowboys are a lot different than Kansas cowboys or Texas cowboys for that matter. Wyoming cowboys are FOR REALZ. 7:57 PM Jul 5th from ÃœberTwitter

The Steeles wrote a song for my niece Ireland. @TasmanRay is going to teach me and @TheDudeAbides05 how to play it. 9:10 PM Jul 5th from ÃœberTwitter

Gabe, Chris and Tyson

Going for a hike with Gabe, Chris and @startbeingfit. And all the dogs. I hope I can keep up. 11:14 AM Jul 6th from ÃœberTwitter

Every week, they put on a cowboy dinner theater show here at the ranch. The Steeles are the non-Mormon cowboy version of the Osmonds. 8:43 PM Jul 6th from ÃœberTwitter

An incredible trail ride today on Red Cloud. I still like Shoshoni, but Red Cloud didn’t buck me off. 2:22 PM Jul 7th from ÃœberTwitter

On our last day in Wyoming, we had perfect weather, an incredible sunset and a campfire at Inspiration Point. 8:10 PM Jul 7th from ÃœberTwitter

The View from Inspiration Point

Tonight, we watched the horses being let out of the stable up into the field where they graze. Gorgeous animals. 9:33 PM Jul 7th from ÃœberTwitter

A perfect end to the vacation: sitting on the deck under the stars around the fire pit listening to Dennis tell cowboy stories. 11:35 PM Jul 7th from ÃœberTwitter

Me and Alli

It’s official. Nine years of marriage and it keeps getting better. I love you, Alli. 12:01 AM Jul 8th from ÃœberTwitter

My third near-death experience of the week: eating at McDonalds. When you don’t eat there for several years, you realize its disgustingness. 8:41 AM Jul 8th from ÃœberTwitter

My turn to drive on the way back. Surprised that we’re already in Nebraska. 11:11 AM Jul 8th from ÃœberTwitter

As fun as this has been, I am ready to be home. 7:44 PM Jul 8th from ÃœberTwitter

Home. 9:50 PM Jul 8th from ÃœberTwitter

It was an amazing trip — such a fun trip with the family. Getting to see Alli with the horses was so great, considering how much she loves them. I would seriously consider retiring in Wyoming. There is so much space and it is so peaceful. I can’t wait to go back.

The $22 Million Walking Bridge

Council Bluffs-Omaha Walking Bridge 

This weekend, we headed up to Council Bluffs to visit Alli’s family. On Saturday, I spent the morning with Tyson and Ashley taking engagement pictures, which took us on a tour of Council Bluffs to places I hadn’t seen before, including the bridge pictured above, The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

The bridge opened at the end of September and was built by Kansas City’s own HNTB for about $22 million. I was wondering what cities in their right mind would pay for such a bridge when my father-in-law informed me that the reason it was named for Bob Kerrey was because he had acquired about $18 million of that “wasteful pork barrel spending” from the government to help pay for it.

The bridge spans over 3,000 feet of the Missouri River and is an impressive structure that connects Omaha to Council Bluffs. The lights were donated by the Gallup organization, who have a training facility at the end of the Omaha side.

I’d love to see cool stuff like this start showing up in Kansas City. Omaha is a little ahead of the game when it comes to the development of their downtown and if Kansas City doesn’t get its act together soon, they’ll soon be sorely losing out when it comes to big events (case in point – the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials were in the Qwest Center in Omaha earlier this year).

If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out.

The Omaha Zoo

Over the weekend, Alli and I headed up to her folks’ place to take our future nieces to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. We’ve been before (obviously, Alli, having been from the area has been several times…this was my 3rd trip), but each time we go, they seemingly have some new attraction for zoo-goers to peep.

Omaha Zoo

It was an absolutely gorgeous day on Saturday and plenty of folks took advantage of the great weather to visit the zoo. We even ran into our friends Mike and Danielle on their way out of the zoo, which was funny because I hadn’t seen them here in KC for a long time.


It’s no surprise to run into folks from Kansas City 3 hours North at the Zoo. Omaha’s zoo puts Kansas City’s poor excuse for a zoo to absolute shame. The zoo in Omaha is accessible, clean and all the animals look comfortable (mostly) whereas the KC Zoo is a blight as far as zoos go.

I think that the KC Zoo would be better suited to close up shop, ship all its animals 3 hours North and put all its money into a high-speed train that runs to the Omaha Zoo. Because as far as zoos go, Omaha’s is one of the best.

Albino Alligator

One of the coolest things that Omaha has is a newer attraction called the Kingdoms of the Night, which has a slew of nocturnal animals and one specific section called The Swamp, which feels – predictably – like a swamp. It is the world’s largest indoor swamp and inside, the zoo has constructed a wooden bridge that takes you through sunken rowboats and trees in low light while alligators and beavers and other nocturnal animals mill about as if they were in the bayou of Louisiana. Along the way, you’ll get a glimpse of the crown jewel of the Omaha Zoo – the very rare White Alligator, one of only 13 in the world.

This display is just one example of how much better the Omaha Zoo is compared to ours. And to be honest, with the way that Kansas City, Missouri is run, it’s no surprise.

So for those of you who have never been, I would highly recommend you take the 3-hour trip North to Omaha, if only for the day. It’s completely worth it.

What did I miss?

So I’m back from Jamaica.

The Jamaican Sky

Alli and I and the rest of the family have been at Beaches Negril since last Saturday. While we were there, my brother and his lovely significant other Kelly got hitched on the beach on Tuesday afternoon. Both families were there as were a bunch of Jake’s friends and we had a great time. After an all-day journey yesterday, we’re back in Kansas City, away from the island humidity.

It looks as though the internet didn’t break while I was gone, although I  did win a contest and my biography was posted on Brad’s site. It looks like everything else is as it was. 

I read two books while I was gone, finally finishing Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and quickly consuming Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. I’ll post reviews soon.

As far as the rest of the week…I’m taking the rest of the week off from work. I may tackle a redesign of my own site if I can do it quickly. We’ll see.

How are you?