Fun Side Project: KC Type

1025 Main

One of the reasons that I’m excited about working downtown is that I feel like I will have more opportunity to walk around the city and take photographs. A few weeks back, I stumbled upon New Type York, a typographic photoblog curated by James Patrick Gibson. I instantly fell in love with the site for three reasons:

  1. I’m a total typography nerd.
  2. I love photography.
  3. New York is a pretty cool city.

Obviously, my interest was piqued. But then, as I started walking around downtown Kansas City, I began to realize that I could do a similar project from our fair Midwestern town. With the handy tools of Tumblr and Twitter, I was able to quickly setup KC Type – a Kansas City typography photoblog. I’m going to try and post at least one photo per day there. If you’d like, you can grab the RSS feed or follow @KCType on Twitter.

Eventually, I think I might allow submissions and I’ve got some other ideas as well (KC Type on vacation…visits to other cities, etc.). But for now, I’ll just be posting one photo every day of signage, embellishment, decoration, embossing, or any random selection of Kansas City type that I find.

WordPress 2.5 is coming

I’m looking forward to installing the newest version of the best blogging software in the world. One huge area that I’m looking forward to seeing is the new Happy Cog-redesigned administrative view. The preliminary screenshots I’ve seen look great and I’ve always felt that this was a place that WordPress could really improve.

I imagine that upgrading could potentially break my theme, so I’ll wait until I have some time to troubleshoot, but it will be fun to play around with. What may end up happening is if I have enough fun with it, I’ll end up rocking another re-design of this blog. But work will have to calm down, both 8-5 and 7-11.

You’ll just have to wait and see…

Please Buy Me This

Veer - Helvetica Coffee Mug

I realize that it is very nerdy in a designer way, but that’s why it is awesome.

The description from Veer:

Coffee, like Helvetica, is an acquired taste. To satisfy both habits, this white ceramic mug features four weights of the timeless font – in corresponding caffeinated shades – and a sensibly squared handle. Holds 15 ounces of your favorite beverage but, like the typeface that adorns it, has bottomless potential.

Out of Practice

It’s been almost 8 years since I graduated college with an English degree.

I spent the first year or so out of college as a writer, but as the company I worked for grew, my role changed and morphed and in time, I became a graphic designer. I didn’t do it on purpose, it just kind of happened.

I enjoyed it for a long time because it made me feel creative, but over time, the doubts creeped into my mind because I wasn’t trained as a designer…I was trained as a writer. I have confidence in my abilities with the tools — I’m a proficient user of Photoshop, InDesign and the whole suite of Adobe products that designers hang their hats on, but I often doubted my ability to actually design.

I eventually (and maybe only recently) overcame that belief that I just wasn’t a good enough graphic designer. I know now that there were negative forces who caused me to feel that way and I’m fortunate that those forces no longer hold any power in my life.

However, as I’ve embraced my role as graphic designer, I’ve lost touch with my writing background. That’s what this blog has always been about, really &mdash an outlet for me to tap my fingers to the keyboard and see what comes out. And while I thoroughly enjoy the blogging process, I’m finding that in my new job, I’m being called upon more and more to develop content (which is business-speak for “write”). I still can write perfectly servicable copy, but I am struggling to regain my voice as a writer. It’s as if I’ve gone hoarse &mdash the words are there, they just aren’t emerging with a lot of clarity.

Lately, I’ve been working diligently on a couple of projects that are very important to me. Neither are work projects and both are requiring to write a considerable amount of content. I’m finding myself grossly inadequate right now of accomplishing that writing and it’s really frustrating.

If this post doesn’t make any sense, it only proves its point.