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A new charitable cause…

Steve Jobs presents the new Apple iPhone 3G

As someone who has been a loyal Sprint user for many years, I have been really looking forward to the release of the Samsung Instinct, a phone that many are calling one of the first decent competitors to the iPhone. When the iPhone first came out, I was jealous, but it was way too expensive to even consider. Tack that onto the fact that I am a member of Sprint’s Friends and Family plan, which makes things all the more inexpensive.

I’d go as far to say that I was excited for the release of the Instinct…

Until today.

Today, my favorite company in the world released the second-generation of their industry-changing device. There are haters that don’t want to admit Apple’s greatness, but those people are kidding themselves. This is a phone that has sold 6 million units in ONE YEAR.

To put that into perspective…even though it was released mid-way through the year, the iPhone was the 2nd most popular smartphone in the U.S. (3rd globally) and outsold all Windows Mobile devices combined.

The iPhone 3G isn’t really a massive update overall. However, the fact that it is adding 3G wireless connectivity and dropping its price by half (the 8GB iPhone went from $399 to $199), combined with the best operating system a phone has ever seen…well…needless to say, I’m reconsidering whether or not I want to stick with Sprint.

So here’s what I’m proposing…those of you that helped me raise money to buy a dairy cow back in January…I’m giving you another opportunity to give.

If you donate enough money for me to buy an iPhone, I’ll give up red meat for the rest of the year.

You read that right…I’ll give up red meat through the holidays if you help me buy an iPhone.

My First 4 Hours

After the unboxing this evening of my MacBook, I’ve had some time to get settled, download my necessary programs (Adium, Growl, CyberDuck, TextWrangler) and spend a little time working inside of this beautiful little white laptop.

First things first…it’s pretty. It’s so clean and well-designed that just looking at it makes me happy. Alli and I spent the first 10 minutes just photographing it as we took it out of the well-designed box.

Happy New Laptop Time

There are several things that I’m particularly excited about:

First, I have an integrated iSight for the first time. I doubt I’ll even use it that much, but it is so freaking cool.

Second, one of the things that I wasn’t sure I would like was the redesigned keyboards. I was wrong. After a short 10 minute adjustment, I can’t figure out what the old one even felt like.

Third, Leopard. Sweet sweet Leopard. What a beautiful and fast operating system. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what it is capable of, but so far, I’m really impressed.

I probably should go to bed, but I just want to keep playing. I am wanting to get an AppleSac to keep it safe in my bag, but I’ll probably wait until after I pay my ticket.

Click the pictures to see all my unboxing photos.

MacBook Unboxing

China to KC Express

I don’t think I officially announced this last week…I bought a MacBook. I didn’t go hardcore and get the Air…I just couldn’t justify what I would lose (optical drive, removable battery, ports) to the price and portability. The difference between the MacBook and the MacBook Air is 2 pounds. If I can’t carry that extra 2 pounds I should reconsider everything.

My laptop arrived today.

I’m so excited that I can’t even see straight. The importance of me having a laptop for work just went down considerably. Now I have a portable APPLE laptop that I LOVE.

The impressive thing about the whole situation is that I got the notification that it shipped late Friday night. It departed from Shanghai, so I didn’t expect to see it until Wednesday or later (scheduled delivery was 1/23). I tracked it all weekend (ask anyone…I have the tracking number memorized). I saw that it was in KC this morning and I thought I would at least get it by tomorrow since it might need to be sorted.

God Bless FedEx – it was sorted and out for delivery by 6 AM, delivered to my house by 10:00 this morning. That’s an impressive delivery time from China (via Anchorage), especially considering that all FedEx packages are routed through Memphis. My laptop flew overhead to Memphis before making its way to my house.

I still can’t believe that it is here already. I can’t wait to go home and hug it.

Macbook Air

How sweet is this?

The only drawback to its awesomeness is its lack of an internal optical drive, but I suppose that most folks using a subnotebook could care less. Plus, Apple can sell an external Superdrive for $99 now.

This mother is THIN. I’m still leaning toward the standard Macbook, but it certainly is an appealing option. I just want to be able to watch DVDs that I own without having to import them using HandBrake.

As for the rest of the announcements…

iTunes Movie Rentals – everyone saw that coming.

Time Capsule – cool feature for Leopard users. Wireless backup. Pretty neat.

New iPhone and iPod Touch features – The Touch is much more appealing now that it has Mail. Until the iPhone comes to Sprint, I won’t buy it. I MIGHT buy an iPod touch now.

The Trouble with Waiting

While I’m a little bummed out that only TWO people commented on my call for donations to purchase a heifer, I’m still going to put my $50 towards the share of one. The benevolent Chimp has done the same. (Many thanks, monkey man.)

On to more pressing things…

Ever since I’ve been considering getting a MacBook, then deciding to wait until after MacWorld, I’ve been in situations where I’ve been wanting to use it. Today is a perfect example.

I’ve got several speaking engagements coming up (tomorrow in Bonner Springs, January 20 in Lee’s Summit, February 17 in Holton, KS) and I would love to be sitting in my living room, typing away on my new MacBook. But alas, I’m limited to the big clunky standard-work-issue Dell. Booooooooo.

Still, I’m anxious to see what Uncle Steve and his army of MacMen come up with on January 15. Even if it is merely a price decrease to the existing line, I’m cool with that. They say patience is a virtue…I guess I’m not very virtuous in that manner.

I’m staying red meat-free (it was tough last night considering I was tempted by an Original Boston Cheesesteak), but I’ll stay that way and continue to take donations toward the purchase of a heifer. Go to this post to read the background and donate.