Go see Bekah Ash!

This weekend is one of my favorite Kansas City events — The Plaza Art Fair.

Last year, I didn’t think that the show was that great and if Jake’s report (via text) is any indication, it may not be much better this year (we’re going down sometime today or tomorrow just to be sure), but there’s one artist that we discovered last year and that I know is there this year that you should see:

Alli's portrait

Bekah Ash

Alli and I discovered Bekah on our annual stroll through the fair last year. Alli was so struck by her work that we almost bought one of her smaller pieces on the spot. But we didn’t.

I didn’t forget about her work. Alli wouldn’t let me.

For her as an artist to take such note of Bekah’s work I felt was a great compliment. I paid attention and reached out to Bekah almost immediately to see if she would do a custom piece for Alli for Christmas.

The picture on this post is the fruit of her labor. Working with her was terrific. Totally friendly and accommodating to what I was looking for, even when I wasn’t sure what that was.

If you’ve paid attention to any of the billboards for the Plaza Art Fair, you might recognize the style. Bekah is the featured artist for the fair this year and its well-deserved. I feel very lucky to have a piece of hers hanging in our house. Go and check her out.

90-pound lap dog

Who owns who?

One thing I love about our dog more than anything is that he’s about 90 pounds, but doesn’t allow that to keep him from snuggling with us on the couch. For whatever reason, he’s gotten into this habit of laying on top of Alli while we watch TV. Once he gets settled, it’s not too uncomfortable…that is until someone rings the doorbell and he gets up to go bark at whoever dares to enter his realm.


I blogged at length about how much I loved Big Omaha. The speaker lineup was phenomenal: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeffrey Kalmikoff and Jason Fried were all people I was so excited about hearing talk and they all completely delivered with relevant, interesting insight into how they got to where they were in their businesses.

One speaker that I knew very little about and that I didn’t quite understand at first, was Micah Baldwin. Micah (or Me-ha, as he is known by some) is the Chief Evangelist at Lijit Networks, a startup based in Boulder, Colorado. Micah writes regularly at his blog, Learn to Duck and he is consistently insightful and interesting. Oh, and he started #followfriday on Twitter, an extremely popular tradition in which people recommend others to follow.

Micah’s latest post on Learn to Duck talked about the concept of moments and contained the video posted below, which he got from the Social Vibe blog.

One of the things that I really love about Alli’s current work that she’s doing for her show in October is that it is aiming to capture the moments which Micah is describing and which are so beautifully illustrated in the above video.

The moments in between are oftentimes the most important parts of life. It’s not necessarily how you deal with the big events that defines who you are as a person, but more appropriately, the collection of moments along the journey from big event to big event.

It’s the moments that matter.

Thanks to Micah for reminding me and to my amazing wife for all the moments we’ve had and all those yet to come.

How we celebrated

Alli’s birthday was Saturday and as is the tradition in our family, birthdays are a weekend-long event. I took the day off Friday to get some extra celebrating in. Here’s what we did:


  • Starbucks lattes (2 pump hazelnut soy for her, 4-shot skinny cinnamon dolce for me) and cinnamon knots from Price Chopper for breakfast
  • Massages at Serenity Rejuvenating Day Spa
  • Lunch at Chipotle (obviously)
  • Catching up with Project Runway (on Lifetime! in HD!)
  • Hanging out with her family at Ashley and Tyson’s

Saturday:Alli shopping for herbs

  • Up early for Panera bagels and cinnamon rolls with her parents and some (RED) coffee from home
  • Off to the Farmer’s Market by 7:00 a.m.
  • Bought veggies, flowers, pasta, andouille sausage (for me!) at the market
  • Bought some Pain de Campagne from Fervere (thanks to Meesha for the recommendation)
  • Short nap
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife at the Fork & Screen
  • Hanging out with the fam and I made lemon cupcakes (that’s right)
  • Opened presents
  • Watched The Soloist, thanks to Ashley and Tyson


  • The leftover bagels from Panera and (RED) coffee again
  • Church
  • Lunch consisting of a good portion of what we bought at the farmer’s market, including, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, naan, lemon and thai basil, and the bread from Fervere.
  • A short nap
  • Great TV

Not a bad way for Alli to ring in her birthday, no?