#SFBatkid Saves Gotham (San Francisco)

While it’s true that the internet can be the seedy underbelly of the world sometimes, there are times when it can be the best thing ever. Today, in San Francisco, the Make-A-Wish America foundation has transformed the city into Gotham to fulfill a 5-year-old’s wish to be Batman. Over 10,000 people have volunteered to be a part of the campaign when he will save a damsel in distress and fight both the Riddler and the Penguin. Follow along on Twitter via the hashtag #SFBatKid or check out the Storify below.

And bring tissues.

Author: Shane

Shane Adams is a marketer, designer, blogger and preacher man who lives in the Kansas City area with his beautiful artist wife Alli and his corn-chip-smelling dog, Dreyfuss.

One thought on “#SFBatkid Saves Gotham (San Francisco)”

  1. I was just thinking about Bat Kid today and decided to look him up again on the web. That was such a powerful story. I think it changed, or at least had a positive impact on more lives than just Bat Kid. I hated reading all of the tweets from naysayers and I look forward to more positive stories like this in 2014!

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