Rest in Peace, Taz

Today, my parents had to put their dog Taz to sleep because his body was completely racked with cancer. He was an amazing companion to them and a loving host whenever you went to their house.

Taz and Dreyfuss

Taz (left) was Dreyfuss’ (our dog, right) brother (Jake also has one of the brothers from the same litter, Gutter). They were born on the same day to a litter of 9 other dogs. Losing Taz hasn’t brought into clear view the mortality of Dreyfuss, our family member for the last 10 years.

Words really can’t express my sadness. Dogs are such amazing companions who love and take joy in every moment. As humans, we can learn a lot from them. Their zest for life is something to be admired and Taz certainly had plenty of zest. I know that my parents are going to miss his joyful “smile” and his incessant, obtrusive tail-wagging.

Taz, your family will miss you and the joyfulness you brought to us through the wagging of your enormous tail. I wish I had better words for my mom and dad, but I don’t. All I can say is: I love you guys.

Dogs are amazing and enrich our lives. Please be thinking about ours tomorrow as he goes in to have dental surgery and to remove a lump on his back.

Author: Shane

Shane Adams is a marketer, designer, blogger and preacher man who lives in the Kansas City area with his beautiful artist wife Alli and his corn-chip-smelling dog, Dreyfuss.

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Taz”

  1. The tail would keep us cool in the summer but cause us to get a blanket in the winter. He followed Sidna EVERYWHERE, always wanted to be in the same room with her–kinda like me :)

  2. Thanks for this eulogy, Shane. Taz was truly one that greeted everyone at the door with his raucous barks and enormous tail, often intimidating people that didn’t really know what a softy he was. He will forever be remembered. These photos are terrific. Thanks for sharing them on FB and your blog.

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