The Daily Dreyfuss

I rediscovered Dooce this week. Her story about her washing machine reminded me of why I originally started reading her — she’s a terrific writer. And absolutely hilarious.

As I was navigating around her site, I was reminded of something that she does called the Daily Chuck. Dooce takes a picture of their family dog Chuck (and sometimes their other dog CoCo).

Floss | Photo copyright 2009 | Heather B. Armstrong |®

Now I don’t have near the readership that Dooce and Blurb (her husband) do. But I love my dog equally, if not more and he is certainly as cute. Now he probably won’t sit still so I can balance a bowl of Cocoa Puffs on his head, but he’s cute all the same. So starting September 1, I’m going to start posting a daily picture of Dreyfuss here on Shane Life.

It won’t interrupt my normal posting schedule, but I thought it would be fun to take pictures of my dog. You know…for posterity and stuff.

3 thoughts on “The Daily Dreyfuss

  1. at first that didn’t even look like dreyfuss. i think it was the coloring. i like that pic though. i need to start posting more pics on my site. gotten lazy. hardly on my computer at night anymore. little thing called ireland takes up alot of time…

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