Making a Switch

I’ve decided to bow to the web overlord that is Google and submit to its greatness. I’ve been a Bloglines user for a long time now. I always felt like it was the first and best option when it came to reading RSS feeds online. Turns out I was wrong. Leave to the geniuses at Google to come up with something better.

Google Reader is still a part of Google’s “Labs” project, but it is totally sweet. One of the nice things about it is that I can access it from my personalized Google front page and there is a nifty toolbar notifier for the Mac that is a lot more useful than the crappy Bloglines one. (The Google one actually previews the items for you).

I’ll probably keep my Bloglines subscription for a while, but if I can get into the habit of using Google Reader, I imagine it will be all I use.

One thought on “Making a Switch

  1. Welcome to the other side. I converted a while ago too, and I like Google Reader a lot more than Bloglines. I even came around to the “river” metaphor, rather than one feed at a time.

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